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What is application software | use of application software | how work application software

What is application software

In today's article, we will learn about application software in detail and know what application software is and how it works and what functions it can perform application software for one or more specific tasks. Allows to complete application software using high-level computer languages ​​such as industrial automation. Software, business software, medical software, educational application software, these software are of two types
Special application software. This type of software is created to carry out a specific task like software designed for meteorology, software designed to control airplane, software for ticket reservation etc. The application of the software is made for
Apart from that, the other software which are common application software, this type of software users can use when the need is very common, then the application package can be used. Here are the names of some common application software. And here are some information about them
Such as electronic spreadsheet software, this software is able to display numbers on the screen in the form of tables and graphs and can calculate them, expressing those numbers in the form of graphs like Microsoft Microsoft Excel and etc.
Word processing software such type of software is used for writing letters etc. In this way softwares are WordPad, MS Word and Open Word etc. All these software fall under this type
Computer Graphics Software - Through this program, they are used to create and modify charts such as Computer Academy, Manufacturing speak, fall in the software category, then talk about public software, then it is good quality at a low cost The software can be used with the input credit system it takes for it to be electronically c Rafik is accomplished by adding resolution, such as pagemaker etc. This type of software is there, in addition to this, database management software also falls into the same category, it is capable of keeping a well-organized record of data, in addition to some other application software accounting packages etc. If you use this category, then this was some general information about application software. C is also related to any questions or suggestions you can let us share it via comments

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