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Type of computer mouse | All type of computer mouse

Type of computer mouse

Currently working on a computer without a mouse is a very difficult task. Today, the mouse has become an important part of the computer. Today, different types of mouse are available in the market. Here we will tell you about different types of mouse.

Common Mouse

These icons are used the most. These are the mouse cables with which they are connected to the computer. These are the icons that are commonly seen with a computer.

Wireless Mouse

Most computer icons use radio frequencies to connect computers. These mouse have a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter recognizes your gesture and sends the signal to the computer through the signal and which receiver is connected to the computer. Holds that signal and converts that signal to the language of the computer and sends it to your mouse driver, based on which the mouse works on the computer desktop.

Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth icons also work at radio frequencies. Through Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect not only the mouse but also the printer, headset, keyboard etc. devices to the computer. For this, you need to have a computer Bluetooth adapter. So that Bluetooth can run in the computer and they can receive the Bluetooth signal. Bluetooth mouse range is about 10 meters.

RF Mouse

For this mouse, a receiver has to be installed in your computer like USB, it will only take the signal of your computer mouse which you have connected with the computer. These icons can work up to 30 feet apart.

Bio-metric Mouse

These mouse are advanced mouse, these mouse is designed keeping in mind the safety point of view. This technology simply allows that mouse to work. The mouse that is recognized in your computer. In this, your finger print is also taken as a signal. So that your mouse cannot be used other than yours. To use this mouse, you have to install a software in your computer that you will get with the mouse when you purchase this mouse. You should install this software and register and store your finger print. And you can use the mouse easily.
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