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CCC Most important question in 2019, 2020 | online ccc test | online ccc test in hindi

1. Operating system for mobile phone and tablets are :

a) Windows OS
b) Mk dir
c) IOS
 d) All of Above
Ans:  ( d) 

2. Linux kernel was invented by :

a) Linux van Pelt 
b) Linux Torvalds
c) Linux Pauling 
d) None
Ans:   ( b) 

3. GUI is used as an interface between :

a) Hardware and Software
b) User and Computer
c) User and Software                     
d)  None of  these
Ans:    ( b)

4. Linux is a ............ and ........operating system.

a) Multi-user, single                 
b) Multi-user, Multitasking
c) Single user                           
d) None of Above
Ans:    ( b) 

5. The most popular computer operating system in use today is.

a) Linux   
b) unix   
c) Microsoft Windows   
d) Macintosh
Ans:  ( c) 

6. Which of the following is internal command :

a) ver         
b) dir         
c) edit           
d) Both A and B
Ans:   ( d ) 

7. Who is Founder of  Linux :

a) Linux Torvalds   
b) Ken Thompson 
c) Dave cutler     
d) Paul Allen
Ans:     ( a )

8. Computer system consist of............................

a) None 
b) Hardware 
c) D and B Both     
d) Software
Ans:     (c) 

9. Operating system manage :

a) Memory 
b) I/O Device   
c) Processor   
d) all of the option
Ans:     (d) 

10. Which of the following system dose not implement Multitasking truly ?

a) Windows 98 
b) MS DOS   
c) Windows XP     
d) Windows NT
Ans:      ( b) 

11. Which Extension is used for standard bitmapped format for storing graphics........

a) .bmp   
b) .wav   
c) .xls 
d) .jpeg
Ans:     (a) 

12. Which of the following is an example of system software :

a) operating system           
b) Loader
c) Linker                           
d) All of the above
Ans:     (d) 

13. the operating system for a computer does the following........

a) Disk and file Management     
b) computer resources management 
c) Computer memory management 
d) all 
And:     (d) 

14. Does Ubuntu Need Antivirus ?

a) Partial 
b)  No   
c) Yes 
d) None
Ans:     (b)

15. Operating system is used in ? 

a) ATM Card.               
b) Smart card
c) Computer system     
d) Microwave Oven
And:    (c) 

16. In Linux a user can load or upload ?

a) I/O Modules.     
b) I/O Devices 
c) Kernel Modules. 
d) File Base I/O
And:    ( b) 

17. A telephone number,a birth date, and a customer name are all example of.....

a) a file.
b) a database.
c) data.
d) a record
And:    (d)

18. Screen that comes on when you turn on your computer that shows all the icon is called..........?

a) Carl. 
b) smurfs. 
c) spreadsheet 
d) desktop
And:    (d) 

19. Which command is used for the copy files ? 

a) copy command.           
b) Disk copy 
c) Ctrl + C                       
d) all 
And:     (d) 

20. To select non-adjacent files, press and hold the...............key while selecting individual files.

a)  shift.
b) tab.
c) Ctrl. 
d) windows 
And:    ( c ) 

21. The collection of related file is called....

a) Data.
b) Database.
c) Registers. 
d) Datum.
And:   (b)

22. What is the default file extension ofter .(dot) in word file.

a) .gtml.   
b) .HTML or .htm
c) .com.     
d) .xtml
And:   (b) 

23. Which among following is responsible for finding and loading operating system into RAM. 

a) Bootstrap. 
b) CMOS. 
c) DMOS. 
d) BIOS.
Ans:    (a) 

24. Aqua user interface was appeared with? 

a) windows 
b) shells.
c) MAC OS. 
d) Bourne shell. 
Ans:    (c) 

25. OS Does not boot itself when a system is .........

a) shutdown. 
b) Reset.
c) Powered ON 
d) Restarted 
Ans:    (a)

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