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What is UPS :-

  • The Full form of UPS
  • Types of UPS in English
  • How UPS Works in English.
  • What is UPS
  • UPS Definition
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  • Difference between online and offline ups 
  • Different Types of UPS

When you go to buy a computer, after buying the entire computer, you are also asked to buy UPS and it is said so that your computer does not go bad. Like other machines in your home which run on electricity, but all those machines do not need uninterrupted power supply, ie lights He is no threat to the

While a computer is such a machine if it is not shut down properly, that is, if not shut down, then the first thing is that your data is corrupted, your hard disk may be damaged or there may be some damage. Untripped power supply is required to run the computer which it gets from UPS.

What is the full form of UPS?

The full form of ups UPS has a full form of uninterruptible power supply, ie uninterrupted power supply is power cut many times during your daily work and this power cut does not harm your computer so it needs uninterrupted power supply and it Power supply provides your UPS. This computer protects the device. Prevents data loss.

If you talk about a laptop, then the battery that is in it also works the same; it also has an inbuilt UPS system. UPS keeps on providing continuous power supply to your computer system without any cuts. Your computer cannot run, but the battery definitely gives you a backup of the amount of time you want your computer to go light Area shutdown could and UPS that would work is that you do not turn off your computer directly after Light

How does the UPS work :-

There are four major things inside UPS, the first one is a Rechargeable Battery and this battery is your main source of power, secondly there is a battery charge to charge this battery which keeps the battery charged, plus a small Is the inverter which converts the DC supply into it

Along with the Static Bypass / UPS Bypass Switch, when the light is on, this by-bus keeps charging your battery and as soon as the light goes out the Static Bypass Switch turns off the automatic circuit and is in your UPS. Turns on the inverter, it does not take any time, ie your computer does not know that the light is gone.

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What's difference between UPS and Inverter :-

A lot of people want to know what is the difference between UPS and inverter while both do the same thing, they supply you power after the light goes out, then it is very important for you to know the difference between the two.
While the inverter is sufficient to carry the load of your entire home supply, the same UPS is built only for the supply of your computer i.e. if you connect it with the house then it will not be able to work.
If you talk about the power cut, then the power backup which is available in UPS is much faster than the inverter which takes almost no time while the light of the inverter is cut for a few microseconds and in this cut your computer is turned off.

Might In case of backup, UPS backup of inverters is very much in this, where on one hand UPS can give backup for 10 to 15 minutes, same inverter gives backup of 7 to 8 hours.

If you talk about maintenance, then the maintenance of the UPS of the computer is negligible or if you have bought the UPS, then next time you just have to change its battery, that too after 2 to 3 years, the battery of the same inverter will give you every 2 years. After that it has to be changed, along with it water has to be filled in between.

If you talk about the price, UPS gets between 1500 to 3000, if you want to install the same inverters, then you have to spend 15 to 20000, although now a lot of inverters are also coming in UPS mode.
What is offline UPS or online UPS called (Online and Offline UPS in Hindi)
The UPS that is installed on your home computer is called Online UPS or Line Interactive UPS. The battery of such UPS is installed inside it. It is small but many online UPSs are also large and are fitted inside

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