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What is Software | साफ्टवेयर क्या होता है | What is software in Hindi | How many type of software |

                                                      Software is the part of computer that we can only see and work on, software is used to simplify working on computer, nowadays software is created according to work, like Work like software. Software is prepared by software programmers in large companies keeping in mind the needs of the users, some of them are available for free and some have to be charged. For example, if you want to work related to photos, then you have to watch Photoshop or any video for that, then use media player for that.

Computers are a group of different programs by which specific tasks can be performed. Hardware is the physical parts of the computer that we can hide that do a certain task, for which they are made such as- Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, CPU, Printer, Projector etc. Conversely, there is a group of software programs that define the functions of these hardware such as word processing, operating system, presentation etc. Come, who interfaces with the hardware.

If hardware is compared to computer body then software is compared to computer mind. Just as human bodies are useless without brains, just like there is no existence of computers without software. For example, we use keyboard, mouse, printer, Internet etc. Software is also required to run them all.

“Software is a Group of Programmes”
                                                                                                                             As we know there is a group of Computer, Hardware and Software, if the software is removed from it, then the computer will remain like a box, this box cannot work until the Operating System Software is loaded into it. This means that in order to do anything in the computer, it is necessary to have Operating System Software.Apart from operating system software, we also need some more software. For example, if you want to type a letter or create a graphic chart or create a presentation or manage personal data related to your office, then again you need many different software for different purposes. Those are called application software.
After Computer On, the software is first loaded in RAM and executed in the Central Processing Unit. It is made in Machine Language, which is special for a separate Processor. It is also written in High Level Language and Assembly Language.

Need of Software :- 
                                                                     In addition, if your computer gets infected by virus, you will need a software called Utility. In short, if you have a computer system and you want to do smooth work, then you will need software from time to time.
If system software is stored in an integrated circuit ( IC ) such as Non volatile storage, it is commonly named firmware. In short, a system is a group of software programs. There are many types of system software such as-
The following reasons for the need for software can be-
1.To turn on the computer
2.To type a letter
3.To build the chart
4.To create a presentation
5.To manage data
6.To use the Internet

Types of Software :-

Divides computer software into three parts.

1.System Software, 
2.Application Software and
3. Utility Software.

System Software:-

System Software System Software is software that manages and controls the hardware so that the application software can complete its work. It is an essential part of the computer system, the operating system is a clear example of this.
"System software is the system that controls and maintains the system"

1.Operating System Software2.Compiler3.Interpreter4.Assembler5.Linker6.Loader7.Debugger etc.

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