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What is Memory | Memory kya hai in hindi | Memory by Vijay bhan sir

What is Memory :-

Just as there are units such as seconds for measuring time, decibels for measuring noise, mm for measuring distance and grams for measuring weight, similarly in the world of computers, units have been determined to measure storage capacity. Is, it is called the unit or unit of computer memory. Let's know the unit of computer memory

Computer Memory Unit -

A computer understands machine language only. It is a language that uses only two digits 0 and 1. It is the basic language of a computer that the computer understands directly, the machine language is written in binary code. There are only two digits 0 and 1 since the computer only understands the binary signal ie 0 and 1 and the computer's circuit i.e. the circuit recognizes these binary codes and it is called Converts into electrical signals, 0 means Low or Off and 1 means High or On.

Use of Memory :-

When a program is written in binary language and 1 and 0 are typed there it is called Binary Digit if it means that 1 Binary Digit and 0 Binary Digit now takes 1 bit in the memory of 1 Binary Digit computer. It happened that 1 Binary Digit = 1 Bit, thus computer memory is the smallest unit of bit (bit).

When four bits are merged, it is called Nibble i.e. 1 nibble = 4 bits and a group of 8 bits is called Byte byte.

Normally when you type a number or letter from your keyboard into your computer, it is expressed by a byte or, in straight words, it occupies a space equal to one byte. That is, 1 byte = 8 bit = 2 nibble, thus a group of about 11099511627776 weights is called a terabyte and about two million MP3s can be stored in one terabyte.

  • 1 bit = 0, 1
  • 4 bit = 1 nibble
  • 8 bit = 1 bytes (Byte)
  • 1000 bytes (Byte) = one kilobyte (KB)
  • 1024 kilobytes (KB) = one megabyte (MB)
  • 1024 megabytes (MB) = one gigabyte (GB)
  • 1024 gigabytes (GB) = one terabyte (TB)
  • 1024 Terabytes (TB) = One Pentite (PB)
  • 1024 pedabytes (PB) = one exabyte (EB)
  • 1024 exabytes (EB) = one zabbit (ZB)
  • 1024 zetabytes (ZB) = one zetabyte (YB)

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