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Second Generation of Modern Computers (1955 - 1964) :-

The second generation period was 1959–1965. Second generation computer transistors were used. The transistor was highly reliable and easy to handle compared to a vacuum tube. They required very little electricity. In this computers replaced vacuum tubes place by transistor during this period.  construct large random access memories used in magnetic core .  this period Magnetic disk storage was also developed during.
Business applications developed rapidly during this period and computer dominance was used until the mid-1960s. This period saw the development of high-level languages ​​(such as Fortran, COBOL, Algol and SNOBOL) and operating systems. Multiprogramming and batch processing operating systems are used in computers.

Advantages of safe genius of computer:-

»Smaller in the size compere to the first generation of computers.
»Second generation computers were more reliable.
»Used less energy and not as hot as before.
»Can calculate data in better speed and microseconds.
»Rapidly used peripherals.
»Better portability than the first generation.
»Accuracy improved.
»Also used assembly language.

Disadvantages of the first generation of computers:-

»Cooling system was required.
»Used only for specific purposes
»Constant maintenance was required
»Commercial production was difficult
»Not expensive and versatile
»Pooch card was used for input.

Example of second generation of computer:-

1. Honeywell 400
2. IBM 7094
3. CDC 1604
4. CDC 3600
5. UNI-VAC 1108
6. IBM 7030

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