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#Computer Fifth Generation of Modern Computers (1990 on wards)

Fifth Generation of Modern Computers (1990 on wards):-

The Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) technology paved the way for ultra large scale integration leading to the development of a microprocessor chip with several million electronic components on each. Powerful laptops, notebook PCs and desktops were other developments during this period.
The fifth generation is essentially about a new super-breed computer. These computers will be capable of thinking and decision making. Artificial intelligence is being built in computers. The new breed of computers are using revolutionary parallel processing in place of traditional von Neumann architecture.
On the software front, efforts are being made in developing languages ​​to cope with su, h new generation computers. Functional programming languages ​​and object-oriented programming languages ​​such as C ++ have been developed during this generation. Development of more user-friendly operating systems such as MS Windows and Lynux, and Lynux-based software products are other developments during this period.

Benefits of computer's fifth genetin:-

» These Generations computers are much faster than other generation computers.

» These computers are easy to repair.

» These Generation computers are too much smaller in size than other generation computers

» They are portable and easy to handle.

» Development of true artificial intelligence.

» Advances in parallel processing.

» Advances in Superconductor Technology.

Disadvantages of fifth generation of computer:-

» They are sophisticated and complex equipment.

» Hey can give more power to companies to see what you are doing and even allow  them to infect your computer.

Example of Fifths generation computer:-

1. Desktop
2. laptop
3. notebook
4. Ultra book
5. Chromebook

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