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Important Knowledge:-

Computer Disadvantage :-

The main disadvantages of computers are :

1. Complete intelligence
2. Dependencies
3. Environment
4. Feeling low

First Disadvantage:- 

› Complete intelligence:-

A computer is a dumb machine and it can't do any work without instructions from the user. It directs at tremendous speed and with precision. It is up to you to decide what you want to do and in what order. Therefore a computer cannot make its own decision.

Second Disadvantage:-


It can perform a function only when it can be expressed in a series of finite steps leading to complete the task. It does not have intuition. It can't conclude without going through all intermediate stages.

Third Disadvantage:-


It can't handle a situation where a finite number of large numbers of computational operations are generated. It cannot learn from experience. It will repeatedly make the same error and cannot learn from experience. But research is being done in this area. Research on artificial intelligence is in progress.

Fourth Disadvantage:-

›Don't mind:-

It have not feelings or emotion, taste, knowledge and experience. Thus it does not get tired even after working for a long time. It does not differentiate between users.

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