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Computer application

Computer application:-

Various applications of computers in today's field:

1. Business
2. Education
3. Marketing
4. Banking
5. Insurance
6. Communication
7. Health Care
8. Army
9. Engineering Design

> Business

A computer canwork with high speed, hard work, accuracy, reliability or versatility of computation which has made it an integrated part in all business organizations.

Computers are used in business organizations: payroll calculations, sales analysis, budgeting, financial forecasting, managing employee databases, and stock maintenance.

> Education

Computer has its major use in education sector which can enhance performance in learning. Even distance learning is made productive and effective through internet and video based classrooms. Researchers have used these computers extensively from beginning to end of their scholarly work.

> Marketing

In marketing, the uses of computers are:

Advertising - 

With computers, advertising professionals create art and graphics, copy and write, and print and broadcast advertisements with the goal of selling more products.

Home Shopping -

Home shopping is simple way which through the use of any computers catalogs that access to product information and allow direct entry of orders to be filled by customers.


Today banking is almost entirely dependent on computers. Banks provide the following facilities:
  • Banks give online help accounting facility(help), which includes current balance, deposits, overdrafts, interest charges, shares and trustee records.
  • ATM Device are making Device it even understand for customers to deal with banks.


All Insurance company are saved all records to any date with the help of computers.  All Insurance company finance Home and Goods broking firms are widely using computers for their concerns.


Communication means to send or receive a message, an trick or  idea, a picture or speech that is received and understood clearly and correctly by the person for whom it is. Some of the main areas of this category are: chatting, e-mail, Usenet, FTP, video-conferencing and telnet.

> Health care:-

Most medical information can now be digitized from prescription to report. Computation in the field of medicine allows us to offer various miraculous treatments for patients. ECGâ € ™ s radiotherapy was not possible without computers.


Computers are the main tools that help in developing missiles and other devices in deference systems. Designing and maintenance is possible only through computers. The computer makes connections between soldiers and commanders via satellite. Building weapons and controlling their function is not possible without the help of a computer. Records of criminals and police records are maintained regularly.

> Engineering Design:-

According to the title, computers assist in designing buildings, magazines, prints, newspapers, books and many more. The construction layout on the system is beautifully designed using various tools and software

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