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Advantages of computer

Advantages of computer :-

A computer is a versatile device. It can be designed to perform any type of activity provided that all data and instructions are made available in digital form. Important benefits of computers are:

1. High Speed ( First advantage ) 

2. Accuracy  ( Second advantage ) 

3. Storage Capacity  ( Third advantage ) 

4. Diligence  ( Forth advantage ) 

5. Versatile  ( Fifth advantage ) 

6. Reliable  ( Sixth advantage ) 

7. Automatic  ( Seventh advantage ) 

First advantage

› Fast speed:-

Modern computers have incredible speed of processing. The calculation takes only a few seconds which takes us hours to complete. Connectors make it possible to receive, supply and process large volumes of data at very high speeds.
Computer speeds are measured in milliseconds (one thousandth of seconds), microseconds (one millionth of seconds), nanoseconds (one billionth of seconds), and picoseconds (one trillion of seconds).

Second advantage

› Accuracy:-

The computer can ensure a consistently high degree of accuracy in computation. It processes the data according to the sequence of instructions. Therefore, if the input data and processes are correct, the output will be consistently accurate.

Third advantage

› Storage capacity:-

The computer has a built-in memory where it can store large amounts of data. You can also store data in secondary storage devices such as floppies, which can be placed outside your computer and transported to other computers.

Forth advantage

› Passion:-

A computer is free from fatigue, lack of concentration, fatigue etc. It can work for hours without any errors. If millions of calculations are to be done, a computer will perform every calculation with the same accuracy. Due to this ability, it engages humans in regular types of work.

Fifth advantage

› Versatile:-

This means the ability to perform completely different types of tasks. You can use your computer to prepare a payroll slip. The next moment you can use it for inventory management or to prepare electricity bills.

Sixth advantage

› Reliable:-

A computer is a reliable machine. The components of every modern electronic computer have a long life. Now computers are designed to make maintenance easier.

Seventh advantage

› Automatic:-

A computer is an automatic machine. It can perform the given task automatically. Once a program is delivered to the computer i.e. stored in computer memory, the program and instruction can control the execution of the program without human interaction.

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